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The Role & Impact of Manufacturing

• The U.S. has remained a leader in innovation and invention ever since it created systematic problem solving with manufacturing research and development.  Most inventions are born from problems discovered and solved in the manufacturing sector. As a result, new tools and technologies are developed and brought to market.

• Manufacturing not only drives and supports a healthy economy, but it simultaneously creates an environment of increased productivity and invention. Manufacturing is the hothouse of production improvements and technological advances in many industries.  Manufacturing contributes to advances in: energy reduction and clean/green practices, efficiency through technology, robotics and lean manufacturing, and improving safety and quality standards.

• As these processes are developed, they are adapted through other sectors of business, consequently affecting the entire economy and industry by creating new standards of productivity and inspiring new industries.

• Manufacturing growth affects the development of other non-manufacturing support industries all the way from finance, insurance, real estate, wholesale trade, transportation, agriculture and mining, to the construction industry. The U.S. manufacturing base supports more than 1 in 6 U.S. private sector jobs.

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