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Garment Bag Tote Chapstick

American Made Garment Bag

American Made Tote

American Made Chapstick

 Shot Glass
 Thermos Desk Organizer

American Made Shot Glass


American Made Thermos

American Made Organizer

 asi#71920-GA250  asi#-71920-1170  asi#80060-ULO16

Weekly Planner  Tote Bag

American Made Weekly Planner

American Made Tote

American Made Flyers

 asi#35400-VPP1    asi#62050-99

 Key Chain
 Magnet  Hand Sanitizer

American Made Keychain

American Made Magnet

American Made Hand Sanitizer

 asi#55870-J410  asi#80210-9767FC  asi#62050-N601


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Are you looking for products made in America to promote your American manufacturing company?


The goal of Support American Manufacturing is to provide American manufacturers with the opportunity to support other American manufacturers by purchasing promotional products made in America. Whatever your need, whether it is business pens, personalized calendars, American tee shirts, personalized mugs, bumper stickers, and other promotional merchandise, we are here to help. Advertise your business by purchasing and distributing American made products with your logo and /or the “American Made” icon.

  • Support American manufacturers by buying  American-made products
  • Advertise your business
  • Help publicize the “American Made” icon

Support American is your resource for finding American made promotional, corporate and advertising products. Manufacturers play a pivotal role in  helping to Support American Manufacturing.

Call our Customer Service line at (860) 350-1489 today to purchase custom promotional corporate merchandise – products made in America - such as business pens, personalized calendars, American tee shirts, and much, much more.


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