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How Educators Can Help

  • Educate parents and students about the opportunities available in manufacturing
  • Educate guidance counselors, parents and students about the need to revitalize a skilled and trained manufacturing workforce.
  • Encourage more involvement in the mathematics and science subjects that are needed in order to become skilled in the manufacturing fields.
  • Encourage interested students who are interested in a manufacturing degree to attend a technical school, to give them a head start on their manufacturing training.
  • Elevate the image of manufacturing careers to a higher level by offering manufacturing degree programs in manufacturing and machining at community colleges, colleges and universities.
  • Expose students to the professions in the manufacturing field which include engineers, machinists, machine operators, business managers, business administrators, accountants, human resource managers, sales and marketing managers, to mention a few.

Motivate and educate young minds in the rewarding careers available in the manufacturing industry.  Encourage students to pursue continue a manufacturing degree, particularly if they are already attending a technical school.

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